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1.? Establish a Baseline

The sooner you establish a meaningful baseline, the more aware of your hearing you and your doctor will be.

It is about being proactive. Baseline hearing test’s are a quick and easy way to capture your hearing’s performance at a given time. Without a baseline, there is nothing hearing professionals can reference if your hearing is changing more than it should. Omni Hearing can instantly send your hearing test results to a family doctor or specialist for further comparison.

2.? Identify Changes

Most hearing loss occurs gradually without indications of a problem. People who work in loud environments that are hazardous to their hearing may not notice hearing loss until their impairment has become severe or damaged forever. Using your baseline, frequent testing can outline exactly how much of an impact your lifestyle or environments is having on your hearing health.?

Individuals with a gradual loss of hearing can become accustomed to the impairment.

3.? Lifestyle or Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing tests provide invaluable information about your hearing health.?Omni Hearing?s experts can offer suggestions concerning any activities that may be affecting your hearing.?Sometimes, even very simple changes can make a world of difference. These changes can also help to prevent further deterioration of hearing. Examples here include choosing to wear better hearing protection at work or making simple adjustments to the way your hearing aids have been programmed.

Many clients who discover that their hearing is changing year-to-year decide to make important changes to their lifestyles or hearing aid(s).

4. ?It’s Safe and Non-Invasive!

That?s right!??We believe that the best way to ensure people make the best choices about their hearing health is to provide a safe and comfortable environment allowing open and easy access to the information that?s most important.

Having your hearing tested at Omni Hearing will not cost you a single penny.


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