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Hearing aids are recommended to our clients based on the results of a hearing evaluation conducted by one of our qualified hearing care professionals. These evaluations generally take about thirty minutes. During your evaluation, Omni Hearing will determine whether a hearing aid is right for you and which type of hearing aid is best suited to your lifestyle and your specific hearing needs.

When determining the results of your evaluation and making a hearing aid recommendation, Omni Hearing will always take into consideration the following:


Hearing aids vary in price because they feature different types of technology and different options. Hearing aid pricing is not based on the style of the aid. Omni Hearing?s suppliers offer a wide-assortment of hearing aid options ? including many low-cost and affordable models. There are also several different organizations in Ontario and around the GTA that offer financial support to eligible candidates. Click here?to learn more about these organizations and the different types of assistance they offer. Omni Hearing also offers a 90 day RISK FREE trial for all new hearing aid purchases. At any time during this period, you may exchange your hearing aid for a different model or return it for a full refund. Click here to learn more about Omni Hearing?s 90-day RISK FREE trial or simply contact us and we?ll help you on your journey towards better hearing.


During your hearing aid evaluation at Omni Hearing, one of our trained professionals will seek to determine the type and extent of your hearing loss. Based on these results, we can offer you advice on the most appropriate hearing aid style and model. After purchasing a hearing aid, Omni Hearing recommends that you always receive an annual hearing test in order to determine any changes that may occur to the type and extent of your hearing loss.


The hearing aids available at Omni Hearing have all been designed with the cosmetically conscious user in mind. These are certainly not the bulky, unattractive designs you may remember. When recommending any hearing aid design, we take into account your skin tone and hair colour in order to ensure your hearing aid remains as discrete as possible. Many of our clients are thrilled with the fact their hearing aids are effectively invisible. Omni Hearing understands that people sometimes have difficulty with the decision to start wearing a hearing aid. We feel?that it is always important to remember the following: people will typically notice your hearing loss long before they notice your hearing aids. Let us make this transition as easy and comfortable as possible.


When recommending any model of hearing aid, Omni Hearing always takes into account a user?s ability to perform the tasks associated with proper use. Choosing a hearing aid that is both practical and easy-to-use is absolutely essential. When someone chooses a hearing aid that doesn?t match their ability to care and maintain it, they are much more likely to experience frustration. This can mean that the user fails to utilize the aid properly (or simply doesn?t use it at all). Let Omni Hearing help you choose the type and model of hearing aid that works best for you ? and your individual needs.


Omni Hearing understands that we all live different lifestyles and that certain hearing aids may not be appropriate for you. A part of your hearing aid evaluation will involve a thorough consideration of your daily needs and the hearing environments you are most likely to encounter. This can play a major role in determining the style and model of hearing aid we recommend. A student who attends lectures regularly has different hearing needs than someone who works in a noisy, crowded environment. A hearing aid should make your life better. Let us match you with the perfect hearing aid for your individual lifestyle and personal needs.


No two ears are exactly alike. You would never consider wearing shoes too large or too small; why would you want to wear a hearing aid that does not fit comfortably in your ear? Omni Hearing?s professionals will recommend a hearing aid based on the specific size and requirements of your ears. When hearing aids fit comfortably, they are used more frequently and they are much more effective. We can match you with an aid that meets both your hearing needs and the physiology of your ear.


Hearing aid technologically is constantly improving. Omni Hearing is continually updating our products in order to reflect the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available. Many modern hearing aids are programmable and adaptable to multiple hearing environments and conditions. When you choose Omni Hearing, you can rest assured that you will be given access to the best hearing aids available.


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