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If you?ve visited another hearing centre and been told that your hearing aid is ?too old? to be useful or repaired, please consider getting a second opinion from Omni Hearing.

At Omni Hearing, we believe that it is very important to provide hearing care for our clients in the most affordable way possible.

Oftentimes, older hearing aid models can be fully-restored or repaired for much less than the cost of purchasing new hearing devices.

Over time, hearing aids can become dirty and worn. This can influence their ability to function properly. Unfortunately, many other hearing centers view this time as the perfect opportunity to promote the sale of expensive new devices. They do so primarily to increase their own profits.

Omni Hearing thinks differently; we believe that you should never be forced to pay for new hearing aids unless it?s absolutely necessary.

We can examine your current hearing device(s) and offer you an honest assessment about their overall condition and potential for repair/refurbishment.

Omni Hearing?s clinicians have extensive experience troubleshooting problems and repairing many different makes and models of hearing aids. Whenever possible, we can restore your device(s) so that they deliver the same quality performance you once experienced when they were new.

Before you make the costly decision to purchase new hearing aids, please allow Omni Hearing to provide you with a straight-forward and honest second opinion. As always, Omni Hearing?s mission is to provide the most comprehensive care for your hearing health ? and to do so in the most affordable way possible. Let us determine if we can offer you a more cost-effective solution through hearing aid restoration, repair or refurbishment.


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