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Online hearings tests should only be used for educational purposes. They cannot replace the results obtained from a more comprehensive test conducted by an Omni Hearing expert. For this reason, Omni Hearing provides free hearing tests to all our customers. If you are interested in scheduling a hearing test at one of our locations contact us?or simply click here.

Our hearing care experts want to know as much as possible about your overall hearing health. Before visiting one of our locations, take the time to answer the questions listed below. Keep track of your responses, and then provide them to the clinician assigned to evaluate your hearing. The answers to these questions will help us start you on your journey to better hearing!

  1. Do you ever experience dizziness or ear pain?
  2. Do you ever have difficulty hearing conversations in group settings?
  3. Do you have trouble hearing on the telephone?
  4. Does it sometimes seem like people are mumbling?
  5. Do you often find yourself asking others to repeat themselves?
  6. Do you experience fatigue or headaches frequently?
  7. Does a man?s voice sound clearer to you than a woman?s or a child?s?
  8. Does it seem like the hearing in one of your ears is better than the other?
  9. Have you perceived a difference in your hearing following an injury to your head?
  10. Has your hearing ability decreased after taking a certain medication?
  11. Has your hearing decreased suddenly or gradually over time?
  12. Have you been told that your TV or Radio is too loud?
  13. Was there a period in your life where you were exposed to loud noises?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from some form of hearing loss. You should also contact?Omni Hearing?or simply?click here?to arrange a?FREE appointment. We will be happy to take the results from your online hearing test and use them as a baseline to provide you with a more comprehensive analysis of your hearing.


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