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Musicians Earplugs were developed by Etymotic over 20 years ago, following Dr. Mead Killion’s participation in a noise study for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Musicians Earplugs are custom made for an individual’s ear and can be purchased from a licensed hearing care professional.

Custom Hi-Fi Earplugs

Musician Earplugs in Oakville & Woodbridgemusicians1

ER Filters Omni Hearing Oakville & Woodbridge

Coloured Filter Options: Clear, Beige, Brown, Blue and Red

Musicians Earplug filters have a diaphragm which functions as an acoustic compliance, while the volume of air in the sound bore of the custom earmold acts as an acoustic mass. The combination of the two produces a resonance at approximately 2700 Hz (as in the normal ear), which results in smooth, flat attenuation.

  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB
  • Filters are interchangeable
  • Custom molds require ear impressions

ER Graph Omni Hearing Woodbridge Oakville

  • ER-9 Provides flat 9-dB sound reduction in the mid-range and 15 dB in the highs
  • ER-15 Provides uniform 15-dB sound reduction across frequencies
  • ER-25 Provides 25-dB essentially flat sound reduction across frequencies

Ready-Fit Hi-Fi Earplugs

ETY Ear Plugs

Musician Earplugs

ETY Plugs use an ACCU Tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal. Their unique construction and proprietary sound path reduce sound levels evenly across the frequency range. When sound enters the earplug, it is reduced without changing sound quality? the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.

  • Reduces sound evenly by 20 decibels
  • Reusable
  • Low cost
  • 2 sizes: standard and large

ETY EarPlugs Graph

  • ETY Plugs provide almost equal sound reduction across the range of hearing.
  • Foam earplugs reduce the high frequencies, degrading the quality of speech and music.

Standard Fit and Large Fit Musician Earplugs

Blue or White Eartip Red, Purple, Clear, or Blue Stem

Earplugs FAQ

How much noise is too much?

Whether you are a professional or amateur musician, DJ, director, music educator, front-of-house crew, security personnel, bartender, music industry support staff, or in the audience, you are often exposed to high levels of sound. Noise-induced hearing loss from excessive exposure to high-level sound depends on the intensity and duration of sound.

Some persons are more susceptible to hearing loss from loud sound than others. The longer the exposure at high levels the greater the risk. Think: How long, how loud, how often?

What makes Musicians Earplugs earplugs high-fidelity?

Most earplugs reduce sound more in the high frequencies than the lows and mid range, which produces unnatural, muffled sound. Etymotic’s high-fidelity earplugs reduce sound evenly at all frequencies so sound is unaltered, just quieter. No other earplugs, passive or electronic can prove that claim.

What are there advantages of custom Musicians Earplugs vs. ready-fit ETY Plugs?

ETY Plugs reduce sound by 20 dB and are ideal for a wide range of occupations, musical events and recreational

activities. Musicians Earplugs have interchangeable filters that offer three levels of protection?9 dB,15 dB and 25 dB?to accommodate different playing styles, sound levels and venues. Musicians Earplugs are the ultimate in comfort because they are customized.

For more information on Musicians Earplugs Please Contact Us or visit the Etymotic website.

Text, Images and Graphics ?Copyright Etymotic Research. Used with permission.


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