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Oticon Intigai


Out of Sight

Intigai is Oticon’s most invisible hearing solution. It is shaped to fit so snugly inside your ear that no one will see it, or even realise you are wearing it.

This means that you can keep your hearing loss a secret, and enjoy the many benefits of modern hearing care, without any noticeable change to your appearance.

Out of Mind

Not only is it invisible to everyone else, Intigai is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, so that nothing gets in the way of your regular daily routines. It blends inconspicuously and completely into your lifestyle, so that you can continue to play an active part in life.

The sound level adapts automatically as sounds and places change throughout the day, so you will always have the sound you need to participate on an equal footing with everyone else.

Oticon Intigai will also have minimum impact on the rest of your lifestyle ? fitted inside your ear, it will not affect your use of headsets or telephones, nor how you wear your glasses, or even how you do your hair.

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Unitron Quantum


Quantum? is a new generation of fully automatic hearing instruments that allows you to experience the most natural, effortless listening wherever your day takes you.

Speech sounds clear wherever you go
With Quantum you can move through life enjoying natural sound. Hassle free. Quantum continuously monitors your listening situations and adjusts it’s settings automatically to provide speech clarity and noise comfort in any situation

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Oticon Intiga




The subtle, organic form and fully automated sound processing make Intiga unnoticeable not only to the user, but also to others.


Everything about Intiga has been tailored to maximise first-time user enjoyment and minimize the effort required to adapt to the world of amplified sound.


Delivering both transparency and our finest sound quality ever, Intiga improves speech understanding from the very first moment.

Connecting to Other Sources of Sound

Built-in Bluetooth capabilities allow Intiga to connect wirelessly to cell phones, becoming a virtual hands-free headset. With addition of the Oticon Connect Line system, audio from televisions and landline phones can be streamed directly to the hearing instruments.

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Oticon Agil

Hearing Aid Styles3

Oticon Agil Helps You Save Energy

Oticon Agil preserves the natural dynamics of sounds and gives your brain more of the sounds it can recognise and process. It does this by sending sounds to your brain in the way it learned to process them. That takes the hard work out of making sense of sounds and following what is going on. It means you can now not only keep up, but contribute and participate actively in conversations with less effort. And that is the energy of understanding.

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Unitron Moxi?


Moxi? is the beautiful little hearing aid that goes beyond great looks, offering sophisticated performance, too. With Moxi, sounds are so natural and its so comfortable, you just might forget it’s there.

Enjoy The Highest Fidelity, Most Natural Sound

Don’t be fooled by Moxi’s tiny size. Its advanced technologies work together to highlight the quality sounds in your life. Voices.Conversations.Laughter.Music.

Speech Sounds Clear Wherever You Go

With Moxi you can move through life enjoying natural sound. Hassle free. Moxi continuously monitors your listening situation and adjusts it’s settings automatically to provide speech clarity and noise comfort in any situation.

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Oticon Connectline Microphone


Enjoy clear conversation among the crowd

With the brand new ConnectLine Microphone, you can finally participate and interact in some of life’s most important situations ? on equal terms with everyone else.

Demanding listening situations such as crowded or noisy environments often make understandable communication impossible.

Some will typically develop different coping strategies to handle such situations or try to avoid them all together. ConnectLine Microphone changes this.

ConnectLine Microphone (requires Streamer version 1.4) is a discreet microphone that connects wirelessly to the Streamer and lets you enjoy clear and private one-to-one communication in challenging listening environments.

Listening performance is dramatically improved where one-to-one conversations before were difficult or even impossible.

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